Patients with very high levels of the virus should be given remedies

Amarawati, July 21 (Correspondent AP news agency):The AP government has recently issued key directives in the wake of the rising number of corona epidemic cases in the AP on a daily basis. Charges levied by private hospitals for treatment Tests Charges Orders imposing restrictions on the use of emergency expensive drugs. ICMR clarified that MRP rates should be charged on prescription drugs. All hospitals registered with the Arogyasree Trust are required to submit proof of use of these drugs.A CT scan used to determine the severity of the corona virus in the lungs should only charge a maximum of 2,500. It also warned hospitals to take legal action if additional doses of these drugs are consumed unless necessary. He also said that hospitals which are not registered under Arogyasree could be charged heavily for the treatment provided in addition to the package prices previously prescribed by the government.Despite a negative RTPCR test, she was diagnosed with a corona-positive patient and admitted to hospital for changes to a chest X-ray CT scan. Also, in the past, the government has prescribed between Rs 5,480 and Rs 10,380 per day, including medicines and food for corona critical care treatment. Clarified that non-critical care should be charged only at the rate of 3250 per day.Part of this suggests the use of toxilizumab injection in the presence of cytokine storm syndrome. It has been clarified that favipiravir tablets should be given for cases of low corona severity. The guidelines suggest that patients with very high levels of the virus should be given remedies.