Pondy LG appeals to political party leaders to follow 4s of social-distancing

Puducherry, Aug 9 , Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi on Sunday called upon the political leaders to strictly follow the 4s (Social distancing, sanitation, mask and not to gather in crowd) to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease in the union territory. Posting a picture of chief minister V Narayanasmay along with some judges and officials standing together while releasing the 5th volume of ‘Puducherry Code’, the Lt Governor said that the picture is evidence of nonobservance of social distancing guidelines, which is becoming the major cause in the spike of COVID cases in the UT. The general public also should not participate in a gathering which is a violation of the guideline, she said. Though innumerable efforts are being taken daily, the solution lies in self-discipline, she said, adding that community leaders should be abiding by the rules first. The violation of guidelines by VIPs, followed by others is increasing day by day, she said pointing out that such meetings and events can be held while strictly observing the preventative  measures. She also pointed out that several public functions of all kinds with huge crowd huddling together are taking place more frequently. The medics and law enforcement are disappointed and overwhelmed by the spike in cases due to such blatant carelessness, even by their own representatives, she added.