South Central Rrailway launches ‘Meri Saheli’ to ensure security of women

Hyderabad, Nov 5: South Central Railway (SCR) has launched “Meri Saheli” initiative over the zone for a focused action to ensure security of women, especially those travelling alone. The initiative has been launched with an objective to provide safety and security to lady passengers travelling by trains for their entire journey, an SCR release here said on Thursday. SCR identified 8 important trains plying over the jurisdiction and organized the ‘Meri Saheli’ Campaign to increase awareness amongst women passengers. The strategy of this operation is to interact with lady passengers by a team of young lady Railway Protection Force (RPF) Sub Inspectors or Staff at the originating station.
During the specially organized campaigns, the lady passengers are briefed about all the precautions to be taken during the journey and are advised to dial 182 in case of any emergency. The RPF team collects only the seat numbers of the lady passengers and conveys them about the stoppages enroute. The platform duty RPF personnel at the stopping stations enroute keep unobtrusive watch over the concerned coaches and berths and if need arises, interact with the lady passengers. Onboard RPF/RPSF escort will also cover all the coaches/identified berths during their duty period, the release said. Further, RPF teams will also collect the feedback from the identified lady passengers at the destination stations. If some distress call comes from any lady passenger travelling in the train covered under “Meri Saheli” initiative, the disposal of the call is monitored at the level of senior officers of the concerned division. The Trains on which “Meri Saheli” initiative is being implemented are Golconda Express (07201/07202), Godavari Express (02778), Rayalaseema Express (02793), Sachkand Express (02715), Nandigram Express (01142 ), Amaravati Express (07225) and Mysore Express (02785). In addition to these trains, nominated Trains of other zones under “Meri Saheli” program and passing through SCR are also being attended by RPF personnel of the zone. SCR General Manager Gajanan Mallya complemented the RPF personnel for implementing the “Meri Saheli” initiative and organizing the focused campaigns to educate the women passengers about security precautions to be observed while travelling. He emphasized that security of the women passengers shall be given utmost priority and advised the RPF personnel to stay alert and vigilant to protect the women passengers when they make any distress call. Mr Mallya told the RPF personnel that prompt action should be taken against the culprits involved.