Telangana Finance Minister presents over Rs 2.30 lakh crore tax-free budget for 2021-22 in Assembly

Hyderabad, Mar 18,  Telangana Finance Minister T Harish Rao presented a massive of
more than Rs 2.30 lakh crore tax-free budget for 2021-22 in the state Assembly on
Thursday. The budget estimates a Revenue Expenditure of more than Rs 1.69 lakh crore while the
Income Expenditure will be over Rs 29,000 crore. The Revenue Surplus and fiscal deficit have been projected at Rs. 6,743 crore and more than Rs.45,000 crore respectively. The Welfare and Irrigations sectors were accorded priority in the budgetary allocations. In his budget speech, the Minister said that in the last seven years, the state had surpassed many states in development and added that the the government was striving to fulfill the aspirations of
the people.

Telangana Finance minister T Harish Rao has presented the state’s budget for the financial year 2021-2022 in the Assembly at 11:30 AM. Telangana GSDP grew by 1.3 per cent in 2020-21, announced Harish Rao and the total budget is valued at Rs 2,30,825.96 crore.

Budget Highlights

Here are some of the key notes: Total Budget – Rs 2,30,825.96 crore

Revenue Estimation – Rs 1,69,383.44 crore

Revenue Deficit – Rs 45, 509.60 crore

GSDP Estimation – Rs 9,78, 373 crore

Panchayatraj, Rural Development – Rs 29,271 crore

Agriculture – Rs 25,000 crore

Irrigation – Rs 16,900 crore

Rythu Bandhu – Rs 14,800 crore

Farm Loan Waiver – Rs 5225 crore

Construction of New Secretariat – Rs 610 crore

Regional Ring Road – Rs 750 crore

Rythu Bhima – Rs 1200 crore

Aasara Pensions – Rs 11,728 crore

BC Welfare – Rs 5522 crore

Women & Child Welfare – Rs 1702 crore

Kalyana Lakshmi/ Shaadi Mubarak – Rs 2750 crore

Farm mechanisation – Rs 1500 crore

Double Bedroom Scheme – Rs 11,000 crore

Free Drinking Water for Hyderabad – Rs 250 crore

CM’s Dalit Empowerment Scheme – Rs 1000 crore

Animal Husbandry – Rs 1730 crore

Forest Department – Rs 1276 crore

RTC – Rs 1500 crore

Endowment Department – Rs 720 crore

Information Technology – Rs 360 crore

Musi River Beautification – Rs 200 crore

Metro Rail Project – Rs 1000 crore

In addition to the above, Harish Rao has announced Rs 5 crore to each Assembly constituency under Assembly Constituency Development Fund and a budget of Rs 800 crore is allotted for this